New Pottery, Jewelry, and Textile Art In The Gallery

New Featured Artists & Handcrafters

I am pleased to present to you the latest artists and handcrafters featured in the Cotton Ridge Create! gallery.  Please click on the links below to visit their portfolio pages on this site to find out more about them and their work!

And if you would like your portfolio featured on Cotton Ridge Create!, please visit this page for more information.  Thank you for dropping by, you are welcome to stay awhile and enjoy the artists’ work!


Hosta Bird Bath

Pottery by Betsy Long Wech in Florida

Flower Necklace by Francine Ruth

Jewelry by Francine Ruth in Ohio


Sari Silk Felted Bags

Carol Martin, Textile Artist in the United Kingdom

Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring by Valerie Tyler

Jewelry by Valerie Tyler in Ohio


Text Copyright 2013 Kathryn Depew. Images Copyright 2013 (Various Artists Mentioned Above), Used by Permission.

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