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I am happy to hear from fellow artists, handcrafters, and writers!  For more information regarding guest posts on Cotton Ridge Create!, please follow the links below.

Please note: These free offers are for individual artists and creative bloggers, as well as galleries, museums and shops that support them.  If you represent a commercial product, brand, or company, please click here for more information.  

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Browse the Blog Article Archives, Galleries, and Free Projects & Tutorials pages for ideas, images, techniques and skills to enhance your next creative arts project!

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Share your art or handcraft and experience. Inspire fellow artists and crafters while promoting your work (at no cost)! Contribute a project or tutorial that explains a particular skill or technique. Recommend ways to teach others, including children, about your field of expertise.  If you would like your work featured in one of our Galleries or would like to contribute to this site in another way, please see the links above!

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Join the discussion! Comment on articles that you appreciate and write encouraging words about work you admire. Write an article about your collection or a visit to a shop or gallery and identify the pieces and artists that you especially appreciate.  Share your insights on how artists and handcrafters can submit their work to gallery and shop owners for representation.  If you would like to contribute to this site, please see the links above!

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