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5 Useful Hints When Capturing Landscape Shots

If any landscape photographer had their way, the weather and lighting would always be perfect; with today’s climatic fluctuations, that’s not going to happen.  Shooting in extreme weather conditions like Arctic chills or Amazonian heat, one must know their equipment as well as their physical limitations. We carefully examine 5 useful tips for those braving […]

3 Ways to Make Your Photographs Even Better

A few great photography tips from guest author Jared Jaureguy. These days, it seems like cameras are designed to do all of the heavy lifting for you. They autofocus, automatically remove red eye, and determine whether or not to use the flash based on ambient light levels. However, even though today’s digital cameras are smarter […]

DIY Family Photo Shoot

Guest author Jared Jaureguy has several great tips for taking your own family pictures. These days the price of a family photo shoot can cost almost as much as a nice digital camera. You may have thought it makes more sense to take your own family photos, but you aren’t quite sure where to begin. […]

Craftsy Now Offering Six Online Photography Courses

Craftsy Photography Class Video Still

Craftsy’s goal is to revolutionize online education by allowing photography enthusiasts to go on location with world-class instructors, learn professional techniques and engage with instructors and fellow students. Craftsy courses are highly interactive, allowing students to ask questions, make digital video notes, and learn using the latest tools. Check out the great course offerings currently […]

Introducing Red Bird’s House Photography & Handmade Gifts ~ And A Giveaway!

Handmade Gifts and Beautiful Photography Pauline Stevens from Red Bird’s House is an amazing photographer, whose images warm my soul and remind me of good times.  Every once in awhile I will come across an artist whose work encourages me to slow down, to not pack every second full, to relax and enjoy the children […]

Experimental Photography

This featured article is from guest author Tom Reynolds. Experimental photography: long exposure, infra-red and special lenses Photographs used to be something that the average man on the street would leave to the professionals. But over the last 50 years, more and more people have been taking things into their own hands, literally! These days, […]