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I am happy to hear from fellow artists and handcrafters!  If you would like your art or  handcraft to be featured in one of the Galleries please follow the steps below:

1. Contact me with the url of your web site, Etsy shop, or blog site. Or, you may email a digital image of your art or handcraft. I will respond as soon as possible. If your art or craft doesn’t fit in one of our existing Galleries, we will create one.

2. Upon approval, please email at least 3 images (you may send as many as you like, jpg format preferred).  You may point me to your web site for your images instead of emailing them.

3. Please provide content (two to four paragraphs) to go along with your images.  (For examples, please see the portfolio pages in the Galleries).  Some ideas of information to include in your text (include as much or as little as you like):

  • Brief Biography
  • Artist Statement
  • How you became involved in your art or handcraft
  • Influences
  • Classes/Workshops you have taught
  • Upcoming events (shows, workshops, presentations)
  • Ways you have inspired children to become involved your field

4. I will let you know when your portfolio has been posted to the gallery.  Please contact me with any corrections or suggested revisions.


Thank you for visiting Cotton Ridge Create!

Copyright 2014 Kathryn Depew

2 Responses to Feature Your Portfolio In The Gallery

  1. Linsminis says:

    Hi Kathie…I have no idea whether or not I’m doing this properly…but here goes!

    ” I am an IGMA Fellow who is obsessed with perfection in miniature….the more realism I can get in one piece the better as far as I am concerned!

    I have always been a “crafty” person, watercolours, counted cross stitch, knitting & crochet to name a few were crafts I enjoyed before I became absorbed in the world of scale miniatures some 10 years ago!

    I do online tutorials, generally for CDHM & only attend one miniature fair a year (I can’t make enough for more than that!) & that is the Kensington Christmas Fair & have been featured in most of the well known miniature magazines.

    The most satisfying aspect of my “work” is to see a customer’s idea become a reality in miniature!


  2. Kathie says:

    Thank you for your gallery submission, Linda! You do such beautiful work. Your completed portfolio page is at this link: http://cottonridgellc.com/portfolio/linda-cummings-igma-fellow/

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