Rachel and Rebekah Land of Posie Meadows

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Posie Meadows is a joint venture between sisters Rachel and Rebekah Land. Rachel is a children’s book illustrator with a degree in fine art and Rebekah runs the business and graphic design side and has a degree in marketing and entrepreneurship. They have been inseparable best friends since childhood and this new venture is a dream come true. Posie Meadows is based on an imaginary world they created as children in a small cubby hole under the stairs of the house they grew up in. Juniper Wood on the edge of the Posie Meadows was a magic land filled with talking animals and fairytale adventures and their wish has been to bring those childhood friends and dreams to life and share them with the world.

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An Interview With Rachel and Rebekah

Please tell us about the beautifulSomebunny Loves You Watercolor by Posie Meadows prints you sell in your Etsy shop!

We sell archival quality fine art prints in several sizes including greeting cards, 5×7″ and 8×10”. We use high quality supplies and only print on 100% cotton rag paper with a gorgeous toothy texture to replicate the original watercolor feel as closely as possible. We also offer customization like adding the name of a loved one or an inspirational quote as well as special editions accented with Swarovski rhinestones and glitter.

How did you become involved in art, and what led you to open an online shop?

We have been making things together since we were little kids. We were homeschooled growing up so we had lots of free time to pursue extra curricular activities. When we were 10 and 12, we made stuffed animals and jewelry and sold them at the local farmers market. Ever since then we have been creating a variety of products depending on our interests at the time. We went to college at the same time and got degrees in art and business but we never dreamed at that point that we would be starting a business together. We both started our first Etsy shops around 2009, Rebekah was selling handmade cards, and Rachel was selling handmade stuffed animals. Rebekah now has 4 Etsy shops selling everything from hand made jewelry to graphic designs and Rachel has 2 selling her animals and fine art prints. Etsy is a fantastic community and a wonderful site to start any handmade business. They make things really simple and when we both had our first successful businesses established, we were encouraged to branch out into this joint venture of Posie Meadows.

What are your influences?

We are mostly just influenced by our imaginations and the stuffed animals we loved as children. They were real to us and we are telling their stories. We also love the fantasy works of C.S. Lewis and other talented illustrators like Richard Jesse Watson.

Do you have any advice for those who’d like to start an Etsy business?

The most important things about starting a business are passion and perseverance. Running your own business can be the most difficult and rewarding thing you will ever do, except probably homeschooling your kids! Seriously though, you have to be sure whatever you choose is something that you love and care deeply about and after that, its all about pushing forward and taking criticism as a chance to grow. If you believe in what you are doing, other people will too! Etsy is a fabulous place to start because you are in a community of other artists and business owners and there is generally a very encouraging and collaborative environment.

Connect With Rebekah and Rachel

Visit Posie Meadows on Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy, and Twitter. They ship their beautiful prints world wide!


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I am an affiliate of Amazon.com, and will receive a small commission if the Amazon.com links on this page are used to make a purchase.

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