Creating a Tiered Living Miniature Garden With A Pot Stacker ~ Part 3

My miniature gardens are taking shape. I found so many plants at Bennett’s Nurseries (see Part 2) that I now have two miniature gardens in 12″ pots, the garden I made at Lynn‘s house, and the tiered garden made with the pot stacker! I’ve really been enjoying this project. This weekend I added some pathways using small river stones from Hobby Lobby ($2.99 for a three-pound bag, found in the flower arranging department). I also combed through my miniature collection and store inventory for garden accessories. See if you can find the all of the one inch scale (1″ = 1′) accessories in the images below!

Soon I hope to have some miniature trees from Two Green Thumbs online shop and more miniature accessories.  In Part 4 I will show the end results.

Tiered Miniature Garden as of June 23, 2012


Tiered Miniature Garden – One Pot


Tiered Miniature Garden – Another Pot

Tiered Miniature Garden – With Knotted Rope

The miniature gardeners need to get from one tier to another somehow – I made this braided, knotted rope from hemp yesterday.  It is attached to a piece of floral wire, which I stuck in the pot above.

Braided Hemp Knotted Rope


Miniature Garden in 12 Inch Pot – Sundial


Miniature Garden in 12 Inch Pot – Raccoon


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