Creating a Tiered Living Miniature Garden With A Pot Stacker ~ Part 2


Last week in Part 1, I put together my pots and pot stacker, filled the pots and found a few miniature plants at Lowes and Home Depot. The next day I made a trip over to Bennett Nurseries here in Huntsville, Alabama, to see if I could find a few more miniature plants. I was pleasantly surprised! They had many varieties of “Stepables” and “Toe Ticklers” ground covers as well as several varieties of Sedum.  I picked out “a few” that I liked the best, and tried to choose a variety of colors and textures.

I bought too much – when I arrived home and started planting, I realized I had enough for my tiered garden and two additional large 12″ pots! Below are pictures of the plants I found – in Part 3 I’ll show how I planted them and added some paths and miniature accessories.  Soon I hope to have some miniature trees from Two Green Thumbs online shop and more miniature accessories.  In Part 4 I will show the end results.  Then we will see if the gardens can withstand the summer thunderstorms in Alabama!

Miniature Garden Guidebook: For Beautiful Rock Gardens, Container Plantings, Bonsai, Garden Railways
Fairy Gardens: A Guide to Growing an Enchanted Miniature World
Fairy Houses of the Maine Coast

The Dwarf Mondo Grass and the Brass Buttons were both in the “shade” section, but I decided to try them anyway. (My tiered garden is going to live in the sun.)


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