Miniature Doll & Toy Shop by Kathryn Depew

Miniature Doll & Toy Shop

This scene was created in the early 2000’s during a weekend class taught by Renee Derra at Lynn McEntire‘s house near Chattanooga, TN.  Each year after the class some of the participants get together, have a party and exchange gifts with a theme in mind.   This has been a great way for me to make some wonderful friends!


I would like to give credit to all of the artists and handcrafters represented, but I am relying on my memory and research.  Where the artist or company represented does not have a web site, I refer to my web site Cotton Ridge Miniatures if I carry the item.  If you see a piece that you recognize that is missing information, please let me know!

Anderson Miniatures: Poseable dolls on bottom shelf.
Angel Children: Doll in white dress in middle of top shelf, doll on far right on top shelf.
Robin Betterley: Lion, lamb and duck metal pull toys, Toy Shop sign (inside).
Angel Children: Doll in white dress in middle of top shelf, doll on far right on top shelf.
Al Chandronnait: Wheelbarrow toy
Kathryn Depew: Shop setting (in Renee Derra class), rabbit pull toy (round table class), porcelain gardening dolls on bottom shelf (round table class), porcelain doll on top shelf at far left, Dorothy doll on top shelf (visible from outside) made in an Anderson Miniatures class
Marla Gilbert: Doll in pink lace dress, porcelain rabbit on counter, porcelain rabbit on bottom shelf, doll in red dress outside.
Hallmark: Airplane, Pinocchio marionnette, car, fire truck (Christmas tree ornaments).
Amy Herman:  Wooly sheep, painted swan.
Jeannetta Kendall Miniatures: Bear bookends.
LABH Miniature Designs: Books.
Lynn McEntire: Porcelain cats in hat box, porcelain rabbit and giraffe on shelf, crying dolly on counter, doll in Christening dress.
Chris Sturgess-Leif: Penguin push toy (outside)
Sharon Suddeth: Small painted chair, porcelain bear with pink scarf
Sharon Wood: Heirloom Toys sign
Twelfth Dimension: Dollhouse, turtle pull toy
Town Square Miniatures: Shop counter
World of Miniature Bears: Most of the plush bears, plush bear jack-in-the-box


Copyright 2011 Kathryn Depew

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