Pottery by Paul Wieland of Nascent Pottery

Ceramic Artist & Teacher

Paul Wieland of Nascent Pottery in Huntsville, Alabama creates unique pieces and is generous in sharing his techniques and experience.  Since the closing of the Madison studio, he has remodeled his garage into a pottery studio and is teaching classes and workshops on weekends.

Paul instructs a variety of wheel-throwing, tile-making and hand-building classes.   Students are offered choices such as Basic Hand-Building Techniques (including coil, pinch, and slab), Put a Lid on It!, which covers basic styles of lids, Tile-Making, Dinnerware Sets and Double-Walled Vessels.  I highly recommend Paul’s classes – I have taken several, and about half of what I know of ceramics I learned from him!

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Contact Information

For more information on Paul’s work and his current class schedule please visit his web site Nascent Pottery or email him at paul.wieland@yahoo.com.


Copyright 2012 Kathryn Depew. Photos by Paul Wieland, used by permission.

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One Response to Pottery by Paul Wieland of Nascent Pottery

  1. WOW!!!!! Now there’s talent right there!!!!
    I’ve NEVER felt a connection to pottery like I have with these!!! It’s like there’s a homey & comfort level with piece!!! I think every one should consider on buying a piece of his artwork!!!
    VERY inspiring & clean!!!!!

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