Creative Kids: Framing Kid’s Art Tutorial

Mat Board Frames
The other day I excitedly told my friend about a new idea I had – framing a child’s painting for a Grandparent’s Christmas gift. She told me the idea has been around for ages.  Oh well, I’ll post these pictures and instructions anyway!

1. Place the pre-cut mat board frame on the child’s painting (I use cardstock for kid’s paintings) and move it around until you decide what you’d like to frame.

2. Trace around the outside of the mat and cut out.

3. Glue the painting to the back of the mat board frame.

4. Glue a loop of ribbon to the back of the picture, and hang just the mat board frame, or insert into a wooden frame for a nice gift for a Grandparent!

Art Canvas
Another friend shared this great idea: when the art canvas goes on sale at your local hobby or art supply store, buy a few of the small ones. When your child feels like painting, bring out a canvas – these make neat family gifts, too!  I spray these with a matte or satin sealer.

Be sure to sign and date the picture for your toddlers, and have your older children sign and date their own artwork!


Copyright 2011 Kathryn Depew

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