Practice Photography In The Park


Today we got together a picnic lunch, a ball, the toy rocket, the kids, and my camera, and set off to Constitution Hall Park here in Huntsville, Alabama.  Constitution Hall Park is on Church Street across from Big Spring Park. It is also accessible from the courthouse square.  Park on West Side Square across from the courthouse, and go down the steps next to the old bank building. (This map of downtown Huntsville is helpful.)

It was a little hot but overcast, so it was a great day for pictures. I’m a beginner photographer, so I set my dial on “P” (or so I thought), the focus point to the center, the ISO to 400, and set a custom white balance using a white paper napkin. I was all set to take some stunning nature photographs.

After a fun hour or so in the park, we piled in the car to go. When I arrived at my first stop, I discovered that I had lost my glasses! (The ones with the $200 progressive lenses; I’ll be squinting for the next week and a half.) After retracing my steps through the park and up the steps to the courthouse square to the old bank building where we took a break earlier in the day with no luck in finding them, I gave up. My next stop was the optometrist for my prescription and then Costco to order a new pair.

When I got home, I discovered that the camera dial was set to “TV” instead of “P” and that my nature photographs weren’t so stunning (those ducks just wouldn’t stay still). I consoled myself with the really good pictures I got of the kids! And, I decided I should post the best of the nature photographs I captured, if only for a reference point for when I am a world-class photographer. So, relax with an online walk in the park!

Practice Photography In The Park - Fish



Practice Photography In The Park - Duck


Practice Photography In The Park - Fountain


I took about 20 pictures of this duck with the fountain in the background, hoping that one would be in focus!  I need more practice.  And a tripod.


I’m not sure what is growing in the bottom of the pond, but I thought the texture was interesting!

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