Ros Berryman, Fine Art Photographer

It was difficult to choose which of Ros Berryman’s fine art photographs to feature here – I love the enchanting and mysterious quality of her work. In Ros’ Etsy shop you will discover fine art prints and greeting cards featuring nature photography, modern vintage, food photography, and more. She currently resides in Bristol, England.  (Please do not use her images below without her written permission.)

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About The Artist

I have always been interested in all forms of visual art, and having completed an art foundation course, decided on studying in London for a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic design. This was a wide ranging course and I found myself spending more time learning about the photographic processes available at that time, which involved 35mm film development and darkroom printmaking work.

This was a good grounding, but today I am really glad there are good, affordable digital cameras, computers and editing software as it makes so many more things possible with the creative control it gives. After founding and running a successful greeting card business and publishing my own designs for the last twelve years, recently I have been concentrating a lot more on my fine art photography.

Modern Vintage, Fairground by Ros BerrymanI admire many photographers and artists work, but I always feel drawn towards images which have that undefinable extra something or ‘magical’ quality, taking them above and beyond the just technically accomplished. This is what I strive for in my own work.

I opened an Etsy shop about a year ago and have been adding new work as time allows. It can take a while to get noticed and start getting sales, and the general advice when starting is to be patient and give it time!

Connect With Ros

In addition to her shop on Etsy, Ros sells on Folksy, an art and craft website for UK makers. She also has her own website,, to showcase and sell her art prints and greeting cards world wide to individuals and wholesalers.

Text and Images Copyright 2014 Ros Berryman, used by permission. Please do not use her images without her written permission.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission if the links are used to make a purchase.

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