Rae Padulo of Mudstar Ceramics

Modern Ceramics for the Home

Nature-inspired, romantic, modern…these words all describe Rae Padulo‘s beautiful designs in ceramics!  Her pieces are hand built or thrown of stoneware clay, then glazed and fired to cone 6.

Custom projects are welcome.  Rae specializes in lamps, ornaments, wedding favors, and shower gifts. If you are planning an event, be sure to visit her Etsy Shop and Blog for favor ideas!

“Cook, blogger, potter, writer, reader, mother – the order of these titles changes daily. I love making things with my hands, mostly ceramic, but all manner of things, really. I love color, pattern, and finding inspiration in the everyday.”

Writer & Blogger

Rae is also a wonderful writer; her blog is a nice place to visit for a nice, relaxing read.  She also interviews and writes about other artists occasionally.  Don’t miss these recent articles!

Painter Karen Stolper
Valeria Nascimento
Princeton Patterns

And cookies are my favorite food group, so I was very glad to find her yummy-looking family cookie recipes!

Contact & Purchase Information

Email: mudstarceramics@gmail.com
Mudstar Ceramics Etsy Shop
Mudstar Ceramics Blog
Mudstar Ceramics on Facebook
Mudstar Ceramics on Pinterest


Copyright 2012 Kathryn Depew. Photos by Rae Padulo, used by permission.

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3 Responses to Rae Padulo of Mudstar Ceramics

  1. Rae Padulo says:

    Thanks so much, Kathie. So kind of you to include me on your site, especially after seeing the other talented folk you’ve profiled!

  2. Merisi in V says:

    Rae, each of your creations is a great work of art!

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