Paintings by Peter Nyanjui Mburu

Painting by Peter Nyanjui Mburu

I am thrilled to introduce to you an artist from Kenya who is active in the arts and in charitable organizations.  Read about Peter in his own words…

Peter Nyanjui Mburu, A Kenyan Artist

My name is Peter Nyanjui Mburu, a Kenyan artist in most media. I started my artistic works in 1996 by creating small objects artistic wise with Porcupine quills to make Necklaces. The same year I was carving and participated in a group exhibition at Gallery Watatu 1997 group exhibition at the National Museum of Kenya.  In 2010 in the National Museum of Kenya History Gallery,  I installed a commissioned life size Train Engine sculpture.  The sculpture relates to the Man Eaters of Tsavo and the historical railway construction in Uganda Kenya Railway line.

Art Projects & Charitable Work

I am the treasurer and founder member of an art group called YA-AFRICA, ART GROUP that operates at the famous MAMBA VILLAGE in Langata road. I am the Chairman and a founding member of local community-based project called LEARN UR ART TALENT AT AN EARLY AGE. We operate in a local Presbyterian Church in Kabuku, Ngecha, in west Kiambu county Central Provence. From 2003  to 2006 I  operated a project called HEALING THROUGH ART funded by the Ramoma art gallery. We operated at KENYATTA NATIONAL HOSPITAL dealing with children living with cancer. In 2005 I operated a project called creating new memories for children living with AIDS, and was funded by SANFROTIERES MEDICIN Kenya.

Exhibitions & Fairs

1998-2000 – Group Exhibition, Art Fair Village Market
2000-2001 – Group Exhibition, National Museum, Mamba Village and Hongs Bakery & Restaurant
2001- 2002 – Group Exhibition, various Galleries South Africa
2002 – Solo Exhibition, Hongs Bakery & Restaurant
2004 – Group Exhibition, Village Market, National Museum of Kenya, & Mamba village
2005-2007 – Organized a very successful exhibition Kenyan Touring Exhibition in UK
2008- 2011 – Organized various Group Exhibitions at Village Market Kenya
2012 – Solo Exhibition, National Museum of Kenya Nairobi Museum


To get in touch with Peter, you can email him at

Text and Images Copyright 2012 Peter Nyanjui Mburu. Edited by Kathryn Depew. Used by Permission.

Artists Signatures

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