Miniature Doll Trunk & Dress Tutorial


Miniatures & Supplies Needed

One Inch Scale Miniature Dragonfly International Doll Trunk Kit
One Inch Scale Miniature Hanger to fit inside trunk
One Inch Scale Miniature Wallpaper
1″ Wide (approximately) White Satin Ribbon or Fabric
1-1/8″ Wide (approximately) White Ruffled Sheer Lace
1/4″ Wide (approximately) White Scalloped Lace
1/8″ – 3/16″ Wide Light Pink Silk Ribbon
1/8″ – 3/16″ Wide Dark Pink Silk Ribbon OR Miniature Ribbon Rose
1/8″ – 3/16″ Wide Green Silk Ribbon
Small Piece of Leather for Hinges
Fancy Toothpick
Wood Stain

Tools & Miscellaneous Items Needed

Wax Paper (to protect work surface)
Paper Towels
Small Jig
Hand Drill
Small Scissors
Emery Board
Tacky Glue & Zap-A-Gap Glue
X-acto Knife
Small Rag
Fancy Toothpick


Use Tacky Glue unless otherwise indicated.

Dragonfly Doll Trunk Kit

1. Before cutting out the kit pieces, stain them with one to two coats of your choice of color. Also stain the end of the fancy toothpick. Set aside to dry.
2. Cut the kit out with an Xacto knife. Using a small jig, assemble each side of the trunk using tacky glue, arranging one shelf/drawer in each side (leave the drawers out until all pieces are completely dry). This is a laser-cut kit and the pieces fit together perfectly.
3. After assembling the two trunk sides, sand any rough edges with the emery board and touch up any unfinished spots with more stain.
4. Cut the wallpaper to fit the inside of the trunk, using your ruler. Using a thin layer of tacky glue, glue the wallpaper into the two sides of the trunk above the shelves, as shown in picture. Set aside to dry.
5. Cut off the end of the fancy toothpick at about ¼”, this will be the peg for the dress hangar. With a small hand drill, drill a small hole inside the trunk, in the middle, about ¼” from the top (refer to picture). Do not drill the hole all the way through. Using Zap-A-Gap glue, glue in the peg. Set aside to dry.
6. Cut out the trunk hardware and key, and glue the hardware to the trunk. If you would like the key in the lock, cut of the end of the key. Using the hand drill, drill a small hole in the keyhole and glue in the key.
7. Line up the two sides of the trunk side by side. Cut two small hinges from the leather to fit (see photo) and glue in place with tacky glue.

Dress & Trim

Please refer to the photo as you make your dress, or feel free to make up your own style! Use Tacky Glue unless otherwise indicated.
1. Make a tube from the wide white satin ribbon or fabric; the open part of the tube should be the width of the bottom part of the hanger. The hanger should fit snugly in the top part of the tube. Set aside the hanger and glue the ribbon ends together, overlapping them, using Zap-A-Gap. After the glue dries, finger-press flat with the seam in the back.
2. Wrap ruffled sheer white lace around the ribbon tube and cut off any excess in back. The sheer lace should be just a bit longer than the bottom of the ribbon. You will cut off the excess ribbon in a later step.
3. Glue the two ends to the back of the tube, overlapping them, using a combo of the Zap-A-Gap and Tacky glues. Let dry a bit, then glue the ruffles down flat if they are sticking out. Make sure the dress is not wider than the inside of the trunk where it is going to hang.
4. When glue is dry, trim the excess ribbon flush with the top of the lace. Apply Zap-A-Gap to the bottom of the hanger and fit inside the top of the tube and press closed for a minute or so.
5. Cut small lengths of narrow light pink ribbon to create straps and glue over the hanger onto the dress, to about 1/8” below the top of the tube on either side. Cut the light pink ribbon to fit around the dress form and glue it in place near the top, covering the ends of the straps.
6. Use two scallops from the scalloped lace to create sleeves: fold each in half over each end of the hanger and straps, and glue in place with tacky glue. Press each sleeve between your fingers for a few moments until the glue sets.
7. Create a ribbon rose from the dark pink ribbon: apply glue to one end and fold over a tiny bit of the ribbon onto itself. Let dry a moment, then fray the other end slightly. Find the center thread and pull gently until it gathers up onto itself, creating a ribbon rose. Place a tiny drop of glue on either side of the rose underneath to keep it from unraveling. Glue to the front of the dress, covering the inside edges of sleeves. Cut tiny triangles from the green ribbon and glue under the rose for leaves. Set aside to dry.

Finishing Your Project
Glue the remaining lace and trim scraps in the drawers as desired. Glue your finished dress in your doll trunk if you wish. You are finished! Thank you for participating in my class, I hope you enjoyed the project and learned some new skills. If you have any suggestions, corrections or comments, please let me know!

Copyright 2011 Kathryn Depew

Have you tried this project? Please comment below and leave your ideas and suggestions! Would you like to share your creation? Please contact me!

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