How To Plan An Affordable Costume Themed Birthday Party

Party Hats by love..Maegan on flickrGuest author Sasha Wilson has some great ideas for affordable themed birthday parties for kids!

We all know how important and fun a child’s birthday party is.  And as a parent or guardian, you want to make sure your child has a memorable party that he will love and remember for years to come, and that can often come at a price.  Throwing a birthday party can be an expensive and stressful endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be.  There are several ways you can plan a cost effective birthday party for your child, one that even includes costumes!  This article will provide helpful tips on how to create a great and affordable costume themed birthday party.  These tips can be applied to a party for adults as well!

Stay at home

The easiest way to save money on a party is to have the party at home.  This saves on any costs you might have had to pay for a venue such as a pizza restaurant, roller rink, etc.  Having the party at home is free!!  It also saves the hassle of loading your car up with party supplies and carting it off to the party location, which is an added bonus!

Themes and decorations

Making your own decorations is also a money saver.  There are many ways to create great decorations using tissue paper, crepe paper, etc., which are all inexpensive purchases.  For example, tissue paper can be used to create flowers and pompom balls to name a few.  Having a theme is also a great way to save money, as you can create decorations to go with your theme and use your own household items to decorate as well.  For instance, for a beach themed party, you could use your own beach towels, beach chairs, pool floats, etc. to decorate your home to create that beach atmosphere.  Get creative with it and you are sure to create an atmosphere that is fun.  Themes also allow for the costumes to be cost effective and gives the costume direction.  Let your guests know that simple costumes are preferred.

Go thrift store shopping

Thrift stores are great places to find affordable items for almost any costume.  By shopping for yours and your family’s costumes at thrift stores, you are saving money on purchasing a costume for every member of your family, which could really blow your budget.  Costumes are expensive to buy in a store, so making your own from thrift store finds is always a great idea.  Plus, you are sure to have the only costume like yours at the party!

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Above are a few themed birthday party ideas from  Click on the images above to go to the original on Flickr.

Create costumes at the party

Have a monster themed party and create paper mask monster faces. This could also be used for many more themes such as animals and cartoon characters just to name a few.  By creating paper masks for costumes, this not only give the children an activity, it also saves on money.  Paper plates are very inexpensive and you can use markers, paint, and crayons that you more than likely already have.  You could also consider having a hat party where everyone wears a crazy hat, or a color themed party, where the guests dress from head to toe in your child’s favorite color.  Get creative and you are sure to save money on the next costume birthday party you plan!


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Sasha Wilson has a large family and loves getting creative when it comes to party planning for her kids.  She suggests using when searching for costume ideas and party ideas.

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