Caroline McFarlane-Watts, Jewelry Artist

Whimsical Jewelry

Caroline McFarlane-Watts creates whimsical jewelry from her one inch scale miniatures.  She is also a painter, illustrator and model-maker.  Learn more about Caroline and her work:

Caroline McFarlane-Watts, Pixie Dust Miniatures
Caroline McFarlane-Watts, Hummingbird Miniatures
Caroline McFarlane-Watts, Tall Tales Productions

Contact & Purchase

Pixie Dust Miniatures

Fantasy & Fairy-Tale Miniatures
Pixie Dust Miniatures Blog Site
Pixie Dust Miniatures Etsy Shop
Pixie Dust Miniatures Facebook Page

Hummingbird Miniatures

Miniature Food – Especially Cakes & Desserts
Hummingbird Miniatures Blog Site
Hummingbird Miniatures Etsy Shop
Hummingbird Miniatures Facebook Page

Copyright 2011 Kathryn Depew.  Photos by Caroline McFarlane-Watts, used by permission.

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