5 Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has It All

From guest author Corina Mentink.

Buying presents for someone is hard enough as it is, let alone when the person you’re buying for already owns all your great ideas. Every year, there’s always that one person who’s impossible to shop for – regardless of how well you know them you always get stuck.

You pray they drop hints, maybe this year they will have a specific item they need – then you’ll have it covered! But when that doesn’t work, you walk around the shops for hours, sit online and desperately hope the holiday gods will inspire you and give you some brilliant idea.

Nothing happens though. You can’t find anything they don’t already own, which means it’s another birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift you’re going to have too (somehow!) avoid. This year, we look into a few ideas to keep your mind thinking and come up with a present that will not only surprise them, but you too.


1. Buy an Experience

There is nothing better than doing an activity that you love, either with someone you care about or simply by yourself. Buying an experience, whether it be a relaxing getaway, cooking classes, a pampering massage, concert tickets, skydiving or a rally driving experience for the adrenalin junky can be the perfect gift for people that are hard to buy for.

Depending on your budget, you can be as adventurous or as laid back as you like. Consider their interests or something different that they wouldn’t have tried before. Anything from horse riding to flying lessons and cruises to eating out will give them a day to remember.

2. Gift a Hamper

Giving a gift hamper can be a perfect present for the one that has everything, for work colleagues and clients, or people you don’t know too well yet. Whether they be a chocolate lover, a chef in the making or can appreciate a well-crafted beer, there a gift hampers to suit all tastes and personalities.

Man food gift hampers are ideal for the typical bloke, who loves their snacks, beer and sports; or gift hampers filled with indulging bath delights, pick-me up treats or cocktail kits can be a great idea for women.

Gift hampers allow the freedom to have all bases covered, if you’re unsure what they like, a generic hamper with a bit of everything can be sure to include a treat in there for them.

3. Get Creative

Getting those creative juices flowing can be the perfect opportunity to show someone how much they truly mean to you – it can also be super fun and work wonders for your wallet.

Making gifts can be a great way to personalise the present in a special and unique way. If you’re not a creative-minded person, you can look for ideas on sites like Pinterest or even bake their favourite food or treat.

4. Capture a Memory

There is something pretty spectacular about capturing your favourite memories from the past and reliving them over and over again. Giving a photo as a gift can be as unique and fun as you want to make it – from a collage of celebrations or a simple one-moment in time.

With most photo printing shops being able to do almost anything these days, your choices are very widespread. Whether you want to make something yourself from a selection of photos, or leave it in the hand of the experts, anything from photo books, to photos printed on a canvas, photo boxes or just simply a super stylish photo frame. It’s hard to go wrong with photo gifts and the ideas are endless.

5. Have a Little Fun

Not every present though has to be sentimental and well thought of, having a little fun without needing to be overly creative or spend too much can work just as well.  If they have a pool, floating ping pong tables and entertaining pool toys can spark the excitement of even the older ones.

Spare of the moment joke games or novelty items can be great for the humours-minded friend and don’t require too much thought.  If they are a collector, adding something quirky to the mix can be sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Depending on whether you’re in summer or winter, you can also use this to provoke seasonal gifts too.

Guest author Corina Mentink is the Director of Boxt.com.au, a leading online provider of Gifts and Hampers in Australia. Connect with Corina on LinkedIn.  Image purchased by author from StockFresh.com; used by permission.

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3 Responses to 5 Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has It All

  1. I am terrible at giving gifts so this is very helpful. Thank you!

  2. Beth says:

    Great ideas here! Another idea to go along with the photos: either make a slideshow, collecting pictures of you and your friend, family, and activities and put together with some nice music, or find a tech savvy person and get one made. My sister makes one for my mom every year and she loves it!!! The good thing about a year by year one is you can give the same gift every year, but it’s always different! 😉 If you do it for a friend, you may not have enough pictures from a year so you could do one from over the years! Hope this helps someone out!

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