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The Ideal Themed Party

What are the ingredients to a successful party?  Good music, delicious food and fashionable costumes. If you want to set the mood of the party, try adding a cool theme—this will surely enhance the party experience.

Putting a little effort into planning a themed party is a sure way to make the event a success. So, if you are looking for amazing party ideas, here’s everything you need to know to make the celebration an enjoyable and memorable event for everyone.  From guest author Debra Wright.

Party Idea #1: The Roaring Twenties

Balloons by on flickr

Parties from different time periods are great, but nothing beats the roaring twenties. It was the beginning of the modern age, a time of changing old values and behaviour as well as enjoying the good life.

The Idea: Have a Great Gatsby themed party.

Setting:  If you can afford the expense, you can rent a French château-style mansion. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can still set the mood without spending for such a venue by simply renting a room and decorating it with helium balloons (in colours such as metallic gold and white), potted orchids and fairy lights. To get your guests in the party spirit, hire a jazz band and dance the night away.

Dress Code:  For women, any dress that sparkles will work, from bright-coloured gowns to straight cut cocktails that are embellished with sequins or rhinestones. You can top it with a pretty headpiece or tiara, which you can find in stores and even in party supplies shops online. The men can copy Jay Gatsby’s fashionable ensemble. They can go for casual fitted pants, a cosy sweater, shawl collar cardigans or crisp pink or white suits.

Food and Drink: It all starts and ends with the champagne. In between sips, serve some finger food such as oysters, fresh veggies, glazed hams, beef fillets and lemon cakes.

Party Idea #2: The Hollywood Fever

Hollywood makes blockbuster movies like The Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter. In addition, Tinseltown also offers great party ideas for your birthday and other special occasions.

Champagne Glass by Lee Hayward on flickr

The Idea: Go for a modern glam Hollywood themed party.

Setting: In Hollywood parties, the entrance is everything. That said, be sure to roll out the red carpet and get the cameras flashing. You can hire official photographers and ask your guests to strike a pose. To set the mood of the night, you can decorate the room with Hollywood party accessories like glitter star balloons, movie set cut-outs, and a VIP entrance sign. You can light some candle sticks or lanterns to achieve an elegant atmosphere. On top of that, hire a live band to serenade you with the best classic songs—that would certainly be the icing of the cake.

Dress Code: The ladies and gentlemen can dress as their favourite actors, or perhaps their favourite character from a movie. You, as the host, could specify a movie genre (e.g. musical, western, action, romance) or era (e.g. black & white, old Hollywood and silent movies).

Food and Drink: The food should be as glamorous as the theme. That said, champagne, martinis and sparkling juice should be overflowing. Finger food like olives, fruit kebabs, cheese platters and mini sandwiches work best for this theme. For bite size desserts go for profiteroles, mini-tarts and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Although planning a themed party is a little difficult since it takes time to organise, the bottom line is, doing it is a great way to help release stress as well as unleash your artistry. It is not only fun, but it also tests your ability to be imaginative when it comes to choosing party supplies and accessories for every occasion.

By Debra Wright

Debra Wright is a creative online writer who supplies cyberspace with interesting and informative write-ups about her favourite topics including entertainment and parties. A wide reader and ardent web surfer, she believes she can do anything as long as she has an Internet connection. Follow Debra on twitter @debrawrites. Image author owned.

Images from used under the Creative Commons license.  Image credits: and Lee J Hayward.

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