How to Create a Classic-Style Home Office

Guest Author Bel Ware presents some beautiful ideas for your home office.

Creating a picture perfect office takes a bit of money, some creativity and time. Whether you work from home or just spend a lot of time tapping away on your keyboard, there’s no doubt you want a comfortable working environment at home.

It’s common to see white-washed, minimal home offices these days. However, if you want a warm, welcoming environment to work in, think back to classic offices. Walnut walls and leather furnishings can make rooms feel elegant and comforting. After all, classic is cool and never goes out of fashion.

So, taking inspiration from such examples of classic office decor, here are some ideas of how to make your office look like a masterpiece.

Classic Colors and More

Let’s start off with the basics. Firstly, brown is likely to be a huge player in your color palette. It adds warmth to the room and is ideal for the colder seasons. But there’s no reason why you can’t give your walls a lick of pale paint rather than opting for the classic wooden cladding.

The Oval Office in the White House certainly has touches of traditional wood, yet still has a light feel with cream walls and fabrics. Such a color scheme would be ideal if you don’t have much room to play with in your home office.

Oval Office by Herkie

You could also go down a more traditional route by choosing muted dark blues, greens and reds that will add a plush feel to the room amongst dark woods.

Think Beyond Vintage

Although you might think this is all about creating a vintage feel, you can still add modern touches. Functionality is crucial too! Take your office chair for example. It’d be totally in-line with a vintage office style to salvage an incredible deep buttoned chair and bring it back to its former glory. But compared to today’s modern office chairs, they just don’t make the cut in terms of practicality.

The Chesterfield Company offer modernized versions of these leather armchairs. They have beautiful, antique inspired designs brought up-to-date with wheels and height adjustment.

Chesterfield Desk Chair

Get the Right Lighting

As earlier stated in regards to colors, a classic-style office doesn’t have to be dark. It’s up to you how you want the environment to feel. If you’re really going all out with your office re-vamp, a chandelier could be ideal. Home Depot has some fantastic options at very reasonable prices.

Glomar Vanguard Chandelier at the Home Depot

The Desk

Without a doubt, a desk is an integral part of the office. The perfect choice here would be a classic pedestal desk. They give an old-school office vibe, but are still very functional. The drawers are handy too. If you’re going to be using a desktop computer, you’ll need to think about where to put your tower and cables so that it all still looks neat and tidy.

You can easily find these kinds of desks on in plenty of different wood finishes and even with leather or detailed tops. A leather top could be a smart choice if you’ll be writing on the desk or even just using a computer on it as this will protect the wood from being scratched or damaged.

Finalizing the Masterpiece

There are a few other things to consider as well. Think about flooring. Any carpet look super, as long as it matches your chosen colours. A rug would finish the look perfectly. Flooring is really down to personal taste, so consider what will be the best choice for the feel you want to achieve, your budget and your household.

In terms of storage, units along a wall, bookcases or even some additional drawers will be handy for hiding away paperwork, stationary and the like. It’s best to choose a shade of wood to work with and stick with it for each room. So if you’ve got a mahogany desk, go for mahogany bookcases.

Of course, you’ll need some decorative touches to complete the room. A vintage look globe would fit in perfectly. An old typewriter could add a great traditional finish to your office. will be a great place to look for genuine vintage items.

Although a Mac might look seamless alongside an all-white home office, it’s cool and quirky to revive the classic office style. Your office can be the talking point of your home. It just needs some character, which can be easily added with this classic-cool style.

Contributed by Guest Author Bel Ware

Image Credits: Oval Office by Herkie on, Glomar Vanguard Chandelier at the Home Depot, Chesterfield Company Desk Chair.

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