Creative Outdoor Features Your Children Will Love

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Entertain your kids with these six ideas for your back yard from guest author .  You will love them, too!

Creating a perfect outdoor space for your home is valuable for both you and the rest of the family, even the little ones. Gardens play an important part in the development of children and are filled with simple activities and features that offer learning tools and hours of excitement for all ages.

1. Water Fountains

Children love water. Like a fish they are drawn to it and will gain endless entertainment, especially in the summer months. Water fountains are easy to install, compliment your outdoor furniture, provide hours of fun and for a toddler – it’s more exciting than a toy will ever be because it works in taking over their senses.  If you have a pond, a ‘spitter’ fountain is great and works by spitting the water into your existing water feature, for example a dolphin or gold fish. There are fountains that are kid safe, or ones that can be attached to a hose for your children to play with (and maybe even help you water the garden!), whatever you choose your child will love it.

2. Bird Baths and Feeders

Adding a shallow and simple bird bath to your outdoor area is a great way to complement you garden, attract local or native birds, and entertain your kids. You don’t need anything fancy and both your children and birds can benefit from a bird bath or feeder all year round, not just in summer. Teaching your kids about the different types of birds and what insects and bugs they will eat will help them learn about the natural and quirky habits birds have. You can also attach the bath or feeder to a water fountain, or get your child to help build a small bird house and leave seeds out for them.

3. Statues

Statues add character to your garden and come in a vast range to allow you the freedom to style your outdoor area as you wish. Creating a play space like a fairy garden, pirate ship or bear cave with different statues including angels, mythical creatures, gnomes, horses and more can get their imaginations flowing and spark all sorts of adventures.

4. Bean Huts

Turning your vegetable garden into a cubby house, sunflower house or bean hut provides great benefits for both you and your children.

Get your kids to help plant different vegetable seeds and collect food once they are ready to be harvested. Not only will it give you access to fresh herbs and veggies to cook with, but it will act as a learning tool for your children and can be made into secret space for them to hide away from the world and play in.

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5. Stepping Stones

Simple stepping stones through your garden are a fun way to create a path and add new dimensions. Making unique stones is really easy, giving your kids hours of fun by painting them and building a track. Not only does it help in keeping your garden neater with little feet constantly running around, but it can add to their play space and provide endless games and activities for when their friends come over.

Make sure you plan your pathway before laying the stones and keep them level and low enough to mow over if you need to.

For a fun tutorial from the Read Between the Limes blog on how to make colorful hopscotch stepping stones, click here: Hopscotch Stepping Stones.

6. Fire Pit or Fireplaces

If the size and design of your outdoor area allows, having a fire pit is an excellent option for the colder months adding warmth and colour to your home. Whilst you don’t want to have this in your child’s chosen play space, when supervised it can offer oodles of fun for your little one.

You can use your fireplace to toast marshmallows with your children, tell scary ghost stories at night rugged up in blankets or sit around the fire and sing songs together.

If your outdoor area is smaller, fire bowls are a great option as it’s the perfect size for a patio and allows you to get a stick close enough to roast marshmallows.

This article was written by guest author , who writes for Drovers Garden and Lifestyle Centre, one of Australia’s biggest  garden and lifestyle centres.

Images from used under the Creative Commons license.  Image credits: Boy with Fountain by dani0010, Colored Stepping Stones by oddharmonic

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