Creative Kids: Great Summer Activities

For hot summer days when you’d rather stay inside…

Make & Decorate Sugar Cookies: Sugar Cookie Mixes Product Reviews

Making cookies with kids is a classic rainy-day (or hot summer day) activity! Kids learn a bit about mixing and baking, and then get to decorate the finished cookies. Use cookie mixes when you are short on time (or patience).

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DIY Personalized Shadow Boxes

This project isn’t only for kids – I had fun making these myself!   Click here for step-by-step instructions and photos…

Paint Your Own Pottery

Kids Love Painting Pottery!  If you own a kiln or have access to one, invite the children in your life over to paint their own pottery!  Mugs, plates, bowls and ornaments make great gifts from children to loved ones.  Visit, Big Ceramic Store or Creative Crafts, Inc. for a wide selection of bisque and low-fire pottery glazes.

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Frame Your Art

The other day I excitedly told my friend about a new idea I had – framing a child’s painting for a gift to Grandma and Grandpa. She told me the idea has been around for ages!  Click here for some ideas using mat board frames and pre-stretched canvases…


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  1. Ashish Negi says:

    Don’t worry, your piping skills aren’t bad at all. I am sure that cookies that are cut into such lovely floral shapes would be an instant hit with the kids 🙂

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