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Logos & Brand Development

Last December I worked with José Longoria of LogoLuxe on Etsy to develop new logos and branding for my business.  He had excellent ideas and was very easy to work with, and had me think about the style and feelings I wanted to convey.  Together we developed the logos for Cotton Ridge Create!, Cotton Ridge Miniatures and Cotton Ridge Pottery.

Since this Create! site was just started the month before, there wasn’t much for José to work with.  But his logo conveyed energy and some excitement, and I liked that very much.  A few months have passed and I have a better idea of my vision for this site.  This week I had an idea for a new logo based upon José’s excellent ideas.  I was delighted to find a font that appears to have been created with an artist’s paintbrush – it is called Jellyka Western Princess.

I browsed through hundreds of images and decided upon a colorful, artistic background from Deposit Photos (by vic02dd13).  My old, trusty Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 helped me create banners for my web site header, Facebook, Google+ and company web site.  I’m very pleased with the results (and a little surprised – I did that?).  I plan to change the background on the header banner once in awhile to fit with current season.

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